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the gettin is good!!

found the recipe for these little gems on pinterest.  (i would think as much as i write the word ‘PINTEREST’ it would not auto-correct. am i the only one????)

we made these little bits of yum over the holidays….and we LOVE them….2 ingredients to make them and 1 being CANDY CORN :)…yep…candy corn.  not sure how anyone figured that one out, but i am grateful….


we bought candy corn to try them and the bags were 1.99 each.  a little steep for our new addiction.


we went back after thanksgiving thinking they would be clearances…nope.

and we bought them anyway.  isn’t that the way addictions work?

we made them and ate them during Christmas.

fast forward a couple of weeks.

yesterday, i had a sick child.  had to run to walgreens for meds.  there in the clearance isle….i saw them….bags of candy corn.  for .19!!!!!!  so.  we got a couple of bags and i suggest you go quickly and get some and try this sweet (no pun) little recipe.  if you like butterfinger candy bars…you will LOVE this!!!

homemade butterfinger candy

  • 1 lb candy corn
  • 16oz jar peanut butter–you can use the cheapest, but the ‘natural’ gives more of the texture we all love so well!
  • Chocolate candy for coating–i used melted chocolate chips.  if you want to cover them like the real thing, i would use milk chocolate and candy coating will work better for you…i just drizzled chocolate on top.
Melt candy corn in microwave on high 1 minute. Stir and continue cooking in 20 second intervals until melted, stirring after each interval. Stir in peanut butter. Spread mixture in an 8×8 pan lined with parchment or wax paper. Cool completely.  cut or Break into squares/bars. Drizzle melted chocolate over the bars. Lay on waxed paper until cool.  Store in refrigerator.  Enjoy!
you better go get those bags of candy corn now…..or you will have to wait til next Thanksgiving to try these……or come to my house 😉


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who is your bff?????

today is my birthday.  it is a hard season to have a birthday, as everyone is partied out 😉  i have {reluctantly} learned to accept this fact….and move on.  this year is no different….except–christmas was a bit hard.  for several reasons.  and i have been working on my attitude….with little success….and my sweet husband has been stuck with me…..like that.

he started spinning….trying to make my life better.  poor thing.  when will we ALL learn that someone’s happiness doesn’t depend on us???  it was my own doing and my own getting myself out of this funk.  but.  in the meantime.  he was trying to make me feel better.  he was asking if i wanted a party for my birthday and who would i like to spend it with…..

of course, i was very noncommittal….feeling pretty poorly about life in general…and me….in general :)….he asked again…who would you like to spend your birthday with???  what friends would you like to get together with?  who ARE your friends?  Do you even have a BFF?

WOAH…this stopped me in my tracks of feeling glum….a BFF????  NO…I don’t have a bff…..hmmmm….

i had been thinking on this a bit lately anyway, so it kinda hit a bruised spot…..i see posts of Facebook about bff’s and hear others talking about doing things with theirs, etc….but i don’t think i have ever had one….well….in high school…..maybe….i considered her mine, just not sure it was mutual….

but.  do i have friends?  YES!!!!  LOTS of friends….and if you know me well at all, you know i am pretty slippery where all that is concerned….can’t see the root of that–and i am working on that…..but i have friends….

this morning… i wake up to many notifications on Facebook…..friends.  friends who i know i could call on to help in a pinch.  friends who encourage.  friends who hug.  friends who love me unconditionally.  friends who minister to me in ways they probably don’t even know.  friends that i can go to level 10 with in half a second.  friends i know will call me on the carpet–in most loving ways….friends i call because they who know my history, my personality, struggles and dreams….i have friends who i call specifically for different things…whether it be health issues, children issues, marriage issues, attitude issues, home decorating issues–goodness….even hair issues:)…. i hope it is mutual, but the thing that spoke to me during all this reflection is that

i don’t have a bff.

i don’t know that i am supposed to.

i think if i did, it would take away from my need for jesus.  for my time with my family.  from my heart toward my husband.

i have decided i am to have many friends…not just one.  many who meet the many different needs to the many different facets of life……

i think every {girl} wants that one special person {another girl} to share life with…someone we don’t have to catch up to speed….to just pick up where we left off.  i am so blessed that i have several of those….i truly hope i am considered one of these kind of friends for them, too.

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consider the source

i have, historically,  had a hard time keeping my eyes on what is truth.  when there is a conflict within me, with someone i love or someone i might not even know, it is very hard to see who my enemy is.  my enemy is NOT my husband who just said something to hurt me.  my enemy is NOT my child{ren} who choose a different path than the one i like…whether in the moment or life direction.  my enemy is NOT the man who abused me, or the one who abused my children.  my enemy is NOT my ex husband.  my enemy is NOT the friend who betrayed my trust.  my enemy is NOT the person who spoke harshly about something i did or said…..

i have been camping on a saying my former pastor used to say all the time–‘if you pinch it and it squeals, it’s not your enemy’. what that means is…..we have an enemy.  he is out to steal, kill and destroy….us and anything that involves us and our walk with god.  but.  we can’t see that enemy.  and that enemy is very wily….he will use what he knows will poke us and pester us…and try to steal our joy.  he uses us, other people and circumstances to do just that.  and it we aren’t careful…very careful……

we fall for it.

we will look at the person who just spoke something, or did something or the grocery cart that has the wacky wheel 😉 as our enemy.  we start building walls to protect ourselves….and hold those other people responsible for the pain in us…..

when it is really a little, bitty nothing little man who thinks he is much bigger than he is.

so when someone does say something (because you know they will)…or someone does something that is so hurtful…..don’t think of them as your enemy….realize who it is that is the source of the lies…..the hurt…..and put him in his place.

consider the source….

Kristi Avalos - December 26, 2011 - 8:37 am


I know you have a desire to go to Fellowship of the Sword one day and this message, almost word for word, is a lesson I learned while I was there.

Richard and Paige, the Founders of FTS, were talking about an argument they had at home one day. He looked over to her and she had a tear in her eye and he suddenly stopped and thought about what had just happened and he said to her, “You know, I am NOT your enemy”. They coined the phrase “tweedled” which is what Satan does with words.

They may come out of Thomas’ mouth saying one thing, but they make to my ears saying something completely different because Satan tweedles them in the delivery, so what I hear and what hurts my heart is not actually what was said at all. It’s been a very powerful tool for Thomas and I to look at each other and say, “I think we were just tweedled” … you can do so without pain or anger when you really do “CONSIDER THE SOURCE” …

Great post Ginny, thanks for sharing!

Angela Mills - December 26, 2011 - 9:18 am

LOVE this Ginny

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twenty three.

i can not think of this day or this boy  man without seeing the mercy of god. i love this guy so much, sometimes it makes my heart hurt.  i am so incredibly proud of him and all that he has walked through.

Jordan is probably the most like me of all my children.  he has such a love for life and truth and god.  he has always wanted more and more of whatever god had for him.  i remember one time, after sunday school.  i think he was about 5 or 6.  his teachers looked for us after church to tell us how jordan blew the rest of the class away with his knowledge of the bible and the depth in which he ‘got’ it.  it surely didn’t come from us.  we drilled them all, yes, but for the revelation he had at such a young age….only god.

jordan has walked through many years of having an angry mom….and lots of that anger was directed at him…because this mama didn’t like herself very much, she was determined to not have any children like her….how sad. for him and for me.  it breaks my heart that for years, i didn’t allow him to be what and who god created him to be.  years of beating submission into him…literally and figuratively

but god

god knew what it would take for me AND for jordan to turn to him with our whole hearts…..it has been a bumpy road….a hard one.  and we have come out on the other side.  and we are great friends.  i love that.

i love that jordan and i can talk for HOURS about scripture or a movie or a book…to get to the bottom of its true message.  we debate most of the time:) but we both love a good debate…..

jordan has had several prophetic words spoken over him through the years….one was that he wouldn’t walk with god…he would run.  i so see that in him…the other one is that he is a pied piper…..and boy.  does that describe him.  he never meets a stranger and is ready to jump into whatever game any group, anywhere may be playing at any time….and he is determined to win…and usually does.  and he draws others to him with his smile and sense of humor.

this year, he graduated from college.  he was the only child of ours that was home schooled all the way through high school and he has done an incredible job of working his way through college and holding down a job leading the youth in church and as a worship team player.

today, i think back on that itsy bitsy baby handed to me….a son…the oldest boy……..who knew…that this man would {by the age of 23} have served on the mission field, would be a great writer, could play a musical instrument….who has journeyed so far….physically and spiritually….?

who knew that this young man that i call jordy boy would grow up to be such an amazing man of god….running after god, to have a hold of all god has for him?

god did.

i am so thankful for this man….that god allowed me to have him and through my mistakes has redeemed what i and the enemy tried to steal.

Happy Birthday, Jordan!   we love you!!!!

Gail - December 16, 2011 - 5:40 pm

What a blessing. :0)

Happy Birthday dear Jordan.

Janette@Janette's Sage - December 17, 2011 - 4:54 pm

Ginny…this just blessed my socks off. He has been on my heart lately and I even asked Aaron if he knew how he was doing and how school was going…did he take the LSAT? So today I rejoice with you and say Happy Birthday to you both…may each day the Lord restore all that was stolen

Oh I heard last night our sons are going on vacation with the Barbers again…that was new to me…and I got to laughing thinking your son probably sees my son more than I do…who would have guessed.

Hugs and Merry Christmas,

Betty - December 19, 2011 - 12:17 pm

Okay, lots of tears here. You’re such a wonderful writer and I know this came from the closest places in your heart. Love you and your precious children. Happy B-D to Jordan and Blessings throughout his sweet, anointed life.

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Christmas breakfast

our christmas days are  a long, drawn out, amazingly fun process.  it has evolved into a whole day of eating and opening presents.  i guess that’s no different from any other family, but one difference for us, is we don’t open everything in one fell swoop.  now that the children are a bit older–and that’s relatively speaking….every present is wrapped and nothing is placed under the tree until christmas eve….so some of the surprise is all the presents appearing out of no where:) we have stockings to open and presents to unwrap.  we wait until everyone is {somewhat} awake and we have cups of coffee, cider and hot chocolate ready for the stocking opening.  once everyone has their warm drink of choice, we all gather in the den and stockings are handed out.  we go around, one by one and reach in–without looking is the ideal–and pull out one thing at a time.  this can take up to an hour or two for the whole family to empty their stockings.

once that is done, we stop and have breakfast.  i have found that breakfast needs to be on the lighter side or no one wants to eat Christmas dinner (actually lunch, since its around 2).  i am also learning how to keep it very simple, since i would have already been cooking the few days prior and will be the rest of the day.  we have had cinnamon rolls (recipe here), breakfast casseroles, scrambled eggs and muffins, etc.    our favorite so far has become fruit soup and biscuits.  i know my sweet husband needs some protein with breakfast, so this year, i will make some mini quiches to go along with our soup. after breakfast, we go back to the tree and open presents.  we are usually there until time for lunch.

this soup is wonderful!  it is so refreshing and light.  and. so. simple. what i love about it, is that i throw it all together the day before–whenever there is time–and its just ready for us when its time to eat.  the other thing i do (which i did tonight) is make enough biscuits for that meal and freeze the dough on a cookie sheet–several days or weeks ahead.  once they are frozen, i put them in a ziplock and when we are about ready to break for breakfast, i throw them on a cookies sheet and pop them in the oven.

i will make the mini quiches the day or two before christmas also.  my goal is to make this as easy as possible for that day.  i want to be in the den, enjoying my family and not in the kitchen…until they have all crashed on the sofas:)

i found this soup recipe years and years ago in a cookbook series on healthy eating.  i wouldn’t say its exactly healthy, but it is a favorite and with a few wise choices, it can be healthier than most foods:)we have this for dinner many times during the summer, too.

Fruit Soup

recipe as written makes 11 cups without bananas (which we never add)

  • 12 oz package frozen raspberries
  • 16 oz package frozen strawberries
  • 12 oz package frozen blueberries
  • 20 oz can pineapple chunks, unsweetened, undrained
  • 16 oz can peach slices, unsweetened, undrained and cut in bite size pieces
  • 16 oz can pear halves, unsweetened, undrained and cut in bit size pieces

Combine all portions of fruit in a BIG bowl.  let stand about 2 hours at room temperature or overnight in refrigerator to let frozen fruit thaw and juices to mingle.  refrigerate until ready to serve.  Add bananas (if desired) to each portion served.

*this will keep several days in the refrigerator.  Add bananas only to the portion to be used immediately, since they will turn.

we serve with whipped cream on top and biscuits.  we almost always have left overs and use this as a base for smoothie or a topping on ice-cream, oatmeal..whatever.  you name it, it works here:)

NOW–i usually make these biscuits to go with this. but lately, the kids have been asking for buttermilk biscuits with this, since the usual ones are a bit sweet.

i learned to make these biscuits from my mother-in-law.  she, like me, doesn’t use recipes for most of her meals, and this is no exception.  i am sure she was taught just like she taught me to make them…and, while they are NOT good for you, they are pretty darn good.  there are no measurements…you just have to ‘eyeball’ it and go on experience–as you get used to making them

buttermilk biscuits

  • self rising flour
  • crisco
  • buttermilk

What she taught me:  put a couple of cups of flour in a bowl.  take a couple of heaping spoons of crisco and cut (and by cut she meant mush it with your hands until it was all blended) in until the constancy of cornmeal.  (what I do is blend it all in and if I can form a ball with the flour/crisco mix with my hands, without feeling the greasiness of the crisco, you got the right mix :)).  add buttermilk, a little at a time until you have a moist heap (hehe, i told you it wasn’t precise)….and it will be gooey, but those make for flaky biscuits.  put dough out on a floured board and put just enough flour on top to be able to flatten with your fingers and it not stick to you.  flatten out to about 1/2″ and cut with a biscuit cutter–I use a regular sized mouth mason jar.   lay out on an ungreased cookie sheet–sides barely touching.  bake at 450 for about 5 minutes.  they will be light brown on top and maybe very light on the bottom.

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