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little did i know…….

one day a couple of weeks ago, i was perusing instagram and came upon a picture that caught my heart.  it was the picture of an older couple.  the man is the father of a friend from years past.  a widower.  he has a girlfriend and the picture was of the 2 of them.  it was precious.  and it caught my heart.  i asked her if she would be open to me doing a photo session with them.  she said yes, but not sure when because they were getting married the next week.  wha???  i asked if they had a photographer, and would she consider me taking pictures of the wedding.

as is always the case, money could have been an issue.  so, when god told me what to ask–and chuck agreed, lol, she accepted the offer.  we began making plans to get to arkansas for the wedding.

it so happened that my high school homecoming was the same weekend.

we had a plan.

we would go to the football game, and then go to a bed and breakfast i found online.

i must admit, that i have been known to get us into some doozy of deals.  it was a little unsettling not knowing what we were getting ourselves into as far as our place to stay and getting to the wedding.


little did i know that god had a plan for me.  being able to shoot this precious couple at their wedding was the bonus.

here are a few of my favorite pictures from the wedding-and more to come on the other plans god had

this is the precious groom, being kissed by his daughter, on the left and his new daughter-in-law–but he calls her his mother-in-law….sooooo cute!

here is the beautiful bride getting all dolled up for her groom

i think this may be my favorite…ok, i have a few, but this one cracks me up…..the groom saw his bride walking around the corner and whispered to the pastor ‘where’d she come from?  this isn’t how i’m used to seeing her’

this is what all the kids did before and during and after the wedding.

i whisked the couple away for a few minutes–to get some portraits…he was ready to jump in the truck and leave the whole shin-dig….so i started messing with him…i told him to nuzzle her neck just a little…he told me he didn’t know how to do that anymore…she was going to have to show him…..it was so precious to watch this young {but knowing} love.


i told you he was in a hurry to leave.  i told him they had to cut the cake before they could leave on their honeymoon.  he got tired of messing with feeding each other and decided to handle it on his own……

once things were ready to go 😉 they hit the road…..

and were so happy to do so!

and here is ‘honey’ explaining what a honeymoon is after this sweetie asked all about it!

this will forever be such a special weekend for me.  not only being a small part of and watching this couple join two families together–two families that have known sadness and loss–into one big, giant family that now knows a new depth of love, but because of the other deep work god allowed me to go through while doing what he  put in my heart to do for them!!!!

[…] A friend saw a picture that I put on Instagram of Daddy and his bride-to-be. Long story short, she ended up coming to Arkansas and photographing the wedding.  This is her story over at  aramblinrose. […]

Kaye @House on Oak Street - October 24, 2012 - 1:54 pm

Oh Ginny!!! After the little bit you shared with me…I cannot to hear the rest of your beautiful story!

Morgan - October 24, 2012 - 2:06 pm

Love all the pictures! What a blessing! It was so good to see you

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rest under the tree

things have been cra-zeeee around here.  i have so many things in my head and heart.  i feel like like has been spinning out of control.  ever happen to you?  and.  God has me in a holding pattern.  i think.  i sure hope its Him and not me 😉

i came across this picture earlier and it reminded me of the 2 trees….the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life.  my goal and the cry of my heart {and probably yours too, if you get still enough to listen} is the sit under the tree of life.  under that tree is rest.

when i sit here, i can hear God’s name for me.  i can hear what He calls me.  i can see the purposes He has set before me. but it is such a discipline.  it is so hard to shut out all the noise of life.  of the ‘what should i DOOOOOOOO’s’ of life when it gets crazy busy and crazy out of control…..

when i sit here, i feel i am to be walking –or taking baby steps–into a new direction.  i don’t know what that is yet, but i feel it.  i sense it deep down.

how about you?  is your world spinning out of control?  do you sense a change?  do you need a change?


rest yourselves under the tree: and comfort your hearts

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mucking the stall(s) and singing songs

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about how much people put on a face on face book and what is presented is the best of the best and not real life–kinda like those famous Christmas letters we all get 😉 .  ok. let me ask YOU– would you really put your junk out there fore people to trample?  i am {i like to think} as honest and transparent as they come….but i have learned the very hard way that i have to be very VERY careful what i share and with whom.  and since i post this link ON Facebook, i am opening myself  up really really big here….but….its the truth……

we have been going through a really difficult time lately.  God is good and He is providing, but.  we are now on our 13th week without a regular paycheck….we really haven’t had one, but we have been blessed by some unexpected income…which is what i know God has used to provide moment by moment for us.


i have to be honest.  when things get tough and the refining process heats up, the impurities in me begin bubbling up and its not so pretty.  i have to battle lots of lies and old patterns of thinking.  well.  i also wish i could say i recognize it and jump on it before it gets me pinned down…but the reality is….i am usually a week or two later into the whole process when i begin thinking ‘what’s WRONG with me????’…..then i realize that the problem is that i lose sight of who i am and WHO’S i am….

thats when the mucking starts….i have to get out all the cr@p that i have let in and build up….it takes much shoveling and hard work….sifting out the lies from the truth….

and it is very difficult to do it alone….

and that’s where relationship comes in…..

I have 2 very wise men who speak regularly into my life.  (really there are more, because my hubby is VERY wise and speaks REGULARLY into my life) but i have heard these 2 men speak of God putting a song in your heart…that the song was put there when he first thought of you {and me}. also, from the beginning, another song starts to be sung trying to get us to follow it and sing that song.  its not God’s song.

when we forget the song god put in our heart, our friends.  our true friends will sing the song until we hear it again and can follow that tune.

i am so grateful for friends who do that.  i am grateful i have friends that trust me to do that for them when they can’t hear the song in their heart.

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ladies coffee and coffee punch!

about a year ago, i got this picture in my head of women all over my house….but they weren’t talking to me….they were talking to each other…..in groups of 2 or 3…..

i asked God what that was about….what he said to me was this….your home is to be a place that is safe for women to come to and to visit with each other and ‘network’….the network word got me….because i feel like the whole ‘network marketing’ thing has over used and abused….so i asked again what that meant…..he said that we all have something that is ‘marketable and needed’ and that there is something in each of us that another will not have….and that we are to network together to help each other become all He intended for us to be but can’t without others’ help.


i decided to begin a ladies coffee in my home….it started out to be each month, but that because too hard around the holidays and working around other ministries i serve in.


i had to let go of the perfectionistic tendencies i have about fulfilling a commitment i had made to others…and let go of the idea that i could make this happen each month.


it has been great!

it has been a great opportunity for me to meet new ladies, love on old and new friends and let them love on me….i can walk around the house during those few hours everyone is here and see people laughing, crying, praying, hugging, reading and of course talking:)

hit and miss it may be, but we have it.  rain or shine…..2 people or 20 people….God knows who needs to be here and i am learning to trust Him in all things….

even with the food 😉

sometimes there i have plenty to make plenty and sometimes i have to let my pride go and let everyone know that its up to them 😉  i will have coffee, but if they want to eat, they need to help.  and every time we have more than enough…..even enough for my kids to have the leftovers and that has become one of their favorite things i do:) they even help clean up before hand.

it is the perfect time for me to try new recipes and to make things i like little amounts, but don’t want to eat the WHOLE thing…ya know???

this last time i made a coffee punch.  i had found this recipe a long, long time ago and make it for showers, parties, etc.  it is soooo yummy!  my kids beg me to make double batches so there is enough for them, but i hesitate to do that because the coffee used is so strong, that i don’t think i can handle all of them on that amount of caffeine.

this is a recipe worth keeping for those times you need a punch and you are tired of the ginger-ale stand by…..

coffee punch

  • 1 gallon strong coffee
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 quart whipping cream
  • 1 gallon ice cream
  • chocolate for shaving

brew the coffee and add sugar.  chill.  when ready to serve, combine in a BIG, huge, ginormous bowl, the whipping cream and ice cream.  stir gently to mix.  shave chocolate on top…..

sip slowly…..if you can:)

see you next time at ladies coffee!!!!

Sarah S. - July 10, 2012 - 3:04 pm

Thank you for listening to God’s call on your heart! I was blessed to be a part of a speaking ministry that stemmed from a group just such as yours. We ended up meeting in Starbuck’s usually because a) we weren’t ever as big as your group and b)we evidently never gave up our perfectionist tendencies. But our group started just like yours: one woman saw the need for women to be connected to each other. And that is such a blessing.

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getting a little home made around here…….

i have always been interested in doing things the hard way the natural way.  and if i can do it where it is cheaper easier on the grocery bill….i am ALL IN.  i have been making my own {insert whatever comes to mind} for a while.  clothes, bread, cakes, brownies, dog biscuits ;)….you name it, i have tried it.  i have become more interested in what goes ON the skin verses IN the body recently…not that i am not interested in what goes in…i have been for a LONG time.  but we have had a hard time with finding things that don’t irritate some of the more sensitive bodies around here……so.  with the help of pinterest, i decided to make my way to body wash and lotion.

we love both of these things.  the body wash took a little getting used to and i am ready to make my next batch and will experiment with it, but the sensitive ones around here LOVE it.  they thought it was weird at first and was determined not to like it, but when they ran low, they came a runnin!

the lotion has been wonderful!  we just got back from the dry mountain air and it was a God-send for those chapped legs and arms.  i just made a new batch today to replenish what we used up.

i will post the recipes below, and as always, i will first post how written and then add my own touches 😉

It is getting harder and harder to find an all natural lotion these days. If you suffer from dry, sensitive skin, or have a child with eczema, you know how important it is to find a rich, natural lotion that has nourishing properties in it. Here is a recipe for an easy to make lotion with a coconut oil base. It is perfect for dry, sensitive skin types.

coconut oil lotion

Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need

1/4 Cup Distilled water
3/4 Cup Extra Virgin Coconut Oil–i used half coconut oil and half almond oil….made easier by doubling the recipe
2 Tbsp beeswax, either grated or in pellets
1 tsp essential oil, such as lavender or rose–I used a ‘creative blend’ i found at sprouts
1/2 Cup Aloe Vera Gel
This first step is to melt the beeswax. Skin care products with beeswax as a main ingredient are much more nourishing to the skin. You will want to melt beeswax in a double boiler over medium heat. First, place your beeswax, either grated or in pellets, in a small pot. Place the small pot inside a medium pot filled about half way up with water. Gradually heat the beeswax over medium heat until it is just melted. then, remove the small pot from the heat source.
Next, you will want to combine your oil with your wax. The oil you will be using should be Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. This is the best coconut oil available, and will make your lotion rich and creamy. You can find Extra Virgin Coconut Oil at any health food store or natural foods market. Add the coconut oil into the same pot that contains your melted beeswax, and stir until the coconut oil has melted and is combined with the beeswax. Set this aside.
In another pot, heat the distilled water until it is around the same temperature as the oil and wax. You can test this by using a candy thermometer. Once the ingredients are at the same temperature, you are ready to blend them together.
Pour your oil and wax mixture, along with your distilled water, into a blender. Blend on low for abut 1 minute. Gradually pour in the Aloe Vera and the essential oil you have chosen, and blend on high for around 2 minutes. You will be amazed at the results! Your handmade coconut oil lotion will be creamy and thick…just like a professional lotion!
Now that you have successfully created your own coconut oil lotion, you will want to share it with your friends and family. Fill small glass containers or bottles with your lotion to give as gifts. Your handmade coconut lotion will make a great gift for any occasion. Grandmothers especially love the soothing qualities of the coconut oil, and will love to use it knowing that you made it yourself!


homemade body wash

1/2 gallon distilled water
2 cups grated soap
2 Tbsp Vegetable Glycerin oil
Minerals, colors and scents as desired

Melt 2 cups grated soap in 1/2 gallon distilled water  along with 2TBSP of Vegetable Glycerin oil.  Add scent or color if desired, which it wasn’t for us – the simpler the better.

We poured it into mason jars and let it cool. It solidified into a fairly thick substance, which scared me at first, but after shaking it up a bit, it is the perfect consistency. One jar at a time gets poured into an old body wash bottle and there ya go.

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