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His angels keep watch

I got one of those dreaded calls moms get. The one with a huge sob on the other end and only ‘Mom’ would come out. The one that makes your heart stop, or at least jump into your throat. The one where you panic inside and try to keep calm and find out what happened. Yea. One of those.

it was gretchen.

she was on her way to work.

she tried to tell me what had happened, but i couldn’t make heads or tails out of it.  all i got was that the window was busted and she was ok.  i wanted to go get her, but she reassured me she was ok and she was headed to work.

later that night, she explained what had happened.  sounded like a near miss to me.  like a miracle.  like god was truly watching out for her. when i asked her about it, she felt like the near miss was a punishment of some sort.  i HATE that.  we talked about it and she came around to the fact that truly he was watching over her and protected her.

i felt compelled to go by the ‘scene’ to see what i could see.

i was shocked.

i could do nothing but pray and praise jesus for keeping my little girl safe.

the pictures will show how close she came to, probably, losing her life.  while i was there, the intersection was empty.  i prayed and asked god to put a car in the position gretchen was in at the time.  that is this:

an 18-wheeler came upon a red light and was, ahem, distracted, it seems.  there were cars lined up at the red light, so he swerved to miss them and went into the grass, hitting, knocking over and bending signs. the light was green (for what would have been this white truck) for gretchen.  she said she did not know what made her NOT move, but she didn’t.  she looked over and saw this truck coming at her and said she literally thought she was gonna die.

the truck came, it looks like to me about 2-3 inches from hitting her straight on.

he never stopped.  he just hit the highway and kept on going.

i am amazed and oh. so. thankful i have my 17 year old precious daughter still here.  and i am so glad she is beginning to see how much he loves her to protect her like he did.  and!  i am so glad he is not done with her yet and she is beginning to see she has a purpose to be here.

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Jennifer - July 27, 2013 - 1:30 am

Ginny, this is just amazing–so difficult to take in. I am so thankful I came over here tonight to read this. Your sharing about God’s provision here for Gretchen–the reality that He is with us, our Protector, is just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you.

Barbie - July 27, 2013 - 2:39 am

Oh my goodness. So thankful your precious daughter is okay. I came across your post in my FB feed from another blogger I follow. Rejoicing with you in His protection over our daughter.

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