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like all of america, i have had my mind and heart turned toward the tragedy this past week in Connecticut.  i have seen pictures of sweet baby faces that are now gone.

and while this may look a little like self promotion, it is not.  far from it.  and i truly hope my heart comes through……it is an encouragement to all of us who are so busy we forget to document the small moments.

there is a story behind me taking pictures….and lots of them.  and why i have a love for family portraits.

about 18 years ago….actually 18 years ago this past thanksgiving, i had a sweet friend go through the unthinkable…she lost her 4 year old son in an accident.

i had just had my 5th baby.

i was heartbroken for her, as i know many were and i know we all would be if one of our friends had to walk through this.

and life moved on.  i am sure not for her, as he was her baby (at the time) and they had all been pretty banged up from the accident…physically and then most assuredly, emotionally.

one day, we were chatting on the phone.  i was {i am sure} communicating how busy and hectic life was for me at the time with a new little one.  i had mentioned to her that i wanted to get the children’s pictures done while the baby was still little.  she asked me if i had an appointment and i said no, no yet.  she then told me to set the appointment and she would come help me.

i was grateful.  at that time, i had a newborn, a 2 year old, 3 year old, 5 year old and 9 year old. it was a task i was not looking forward to.  i accepted, no questions asked–outloud, but i was questioning her being so adamant about helping me with this.

the morning came for her to come help and while we were getting the babies ready for pictures, she shared her heart with me.

she told me that she had never gotten around to getting pictures done with her little guy.  yes, she had snapshots…but nothing formal.  nothing to really capture the moments and years in his little life.  she admonished me…to make and take every effort to get a family picture done on a regular basis.  because you never know what will happen and if and when someone in your picture won’t be there any longer.

this was 18 years ago.  you think it made an impact on me?  lol.

there is not a portrait i take that i don’t think about the words from this friend.  not one.

my heart just aches for these families that are going through such a horrible horrible time.  and it reminds me, as it does all of us, to hug my children, love my husband, share my gratitude for my friends and family and to realize nothing is guaranteed.  nothing is promised.

capture the moments.

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Paula Barron - December 16, 2012 - 2:11 pm

Just beautiful! Thanks for reminding!

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