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a little {f}unny


i have told this story several times, so if you’ve heard it before, just scroll on:)

i homeschooled for 18 years. during that time, the children were too young to be left alone for very long. we lived in mckinney, texas and there was not a walmart or sams close by (which is where all large families need to shop, lol). we used to make the day of it. it was a 30 minute drive to both, as they were side by side. most times, it took us 2 baskets to get what we needed. if it was during the winter, it took 3. one to hold all the coats:)we were a sight to behold, i am sure. all (at the time) 7 children, me pregnant with another and basket upon basket with groceries and kids piled in and on.

during this particular season, my children had gotten a little sassy with each other. one would say something and the other would respond with FINE….it got to where i was hearing this word more times each day than i cared to….and with an attitude.

so. i did what any good mom would do 😉 i grounded them from saying the word. if they can’t use it the right way, they lost the privilege of sayin the word at all.

and now we are at walmart. all three baskets brimming full, heading to the check out line. we are standing in line, when i realized i forgot something. i told the kids to all sit there quietly. i assigned who would put groceries on the belt and who would sit by the littler ones if i wasn’t back before it was our turn.

i am sure you know this feeling.

i am across the store….speed walking as fast as a pregnant mama can go (not very fast, lol) and all of a sudden, i hear screamed across the way……..


talk about humbling.

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Naphtali - November 29, 2012 - 2:23 pm

hahahahaha. I LOVE that story.

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