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9 little kittens who lost their mittens……..

i have held on to these mittens for 30 years now….or at least 1 of each set:)

i am not much on sentimentality.  i am pretty much a suck it up and move on kind of person.  i toss things that aren’t needed.

except these mittens…for some reason.  and they always came out when it got cold and we would sort through them and put the unmatched ones and the ones that didn’t fit any longer back in the box.

until 8 years ago.

in our kitchen, we have a huge window….ok…in the nook/dining area.  i love the light it lets in!  but it is a big, bare window.

during our first christmas season in this house, it turned cold.  we pulled out the mittens and gloves.  there was this huge stack of mismatched and too littles…..and i had a lightbulb moment.

why not use them for decorations?  I hung a string from end to end of the window and hung the mittens like a clothesline.

it has become one of my most favorite decorations.  and it’s always is the topic of conversation…whether with friends or family….who’s is who’s and who wore that one and remember when’s……..

to fill in the empty spaces on the line, we even put our current, matching sets up there….its kinda funny when it snows and they are hanging up, to have the kids go get their gloves from the line:) they’ll even wear them mis-matched, which makes for great pictures!

i went to go find them last night.  they weren’t in their regular spot.  my heart skipped a little.  remembering back on last year, i remember pulling them out of our ever growing box (that couldn’t close any longer) and deciding they just needed to go with the regular decorations. we bagged them up and put them with the decorations.

they aren’t there.

this brings tears now, as i type….i am going miss all those itty bitty mittens….one pair was from my oldest when she was 6 months old.  they all held lots of memories

i am thankful for the tears…it means there is a part of my heart that is healing…a part that holds on to things that mean a LOT….a part that is sentimental:)

i am praying they are just misplaced.  i have this feeling they ended up in a ‘let’s clean the garage and anything that doesn’t belong needs to go’ spree…..

whatever the cause for the missing mittens….i am so thankful god prompted me to take pictures of them….just last year.

and i am thankful for the memories these little mittens hold.

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