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rest under the tree

things have been cra-zeeee around here.  i have so many things in my head and heart.  i feel like like has been spinning out of control.  ever happen to you?  and.  God has me in a holding pattern.  i think.  i sure hope its Him and not me 😉

i came across this picture earlier and it reminded me of the 2 trees….the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life.  my goal and the cry of my heart {and probably yours too, if you get still enough to listen} is the sit under the tree of life.  under that tree is rest.

when i sit here, i can hear God’s name for me.  i can hear what He calls me.  i can see the purposes He has set before me. but it is such a discipline.  it is so hard to shut out all the noise of life.  of the ‘what should i DOOOOOOOO’s’ of life when it gets crazy busy and crazy out of control…..

when i sit here, i feel i am to be walking –or taking baby steps–into a new direction.  i don’t know what that is yet, but i feel it.  i sense it deep down.

how about you?  is your world spinning out of control?  do you sense a change?  do you need a change?


rest yourselves under the tree: and comfort your hearts

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