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ladies coffee and coffee punch!

about a year ago, i got this picture in my head of women all over my house….but they weren’t talking to me….they were talking to each other…..in groups of 2 or 3…..

i asked God what that was about….what he said to me was this….your home is to be a place that is safe for women to come to and to visit with each other and ‘network’….the network word got me….because i feel like the whole ‘network marketing’ thing has over used and abused….so i asked again what that meant…..he said that we all have something that is ‘marketable and needed’ and that there is something in each of us that another will not have….and that we are to network together to help each other become all He intended for us to be but can’t without others’ help.


i decided to begin a ladies coffee in my home….it started out to be each month, but that because too hard around the holidays and working around other ministries i serve in.


i had to let go of the perfectionistic tendencies i have about fulfilling a commitment i had made to others…and let go of the idea that i could make this happen each month.


it has been great!

it has been a great opportunity for me to meet new ladies, love on old and new friends and let them love on me….i can walk around the house during those few hours everyone is here and see people laughing, crying, praying, hugging, reading and of course talking:)

hit and miss it may be, but we have it.  rain or shine…..2 people or 20 people….God knows who needs to be here and i am learning to trust Him in all things….

even with the food 😉

sometimes there i have plenty to make plenty and sometimes i have to let my pride go and let everyone know that its up to them 😉  i will have coffee, but if they want to eat, they need to help.  and every time we have more than enough…..even enough for my kids to have the leftovers and that has become one of their favorite things i do:) they even help clean up before hand.

it is the perfect time for me to try new recipes and to make things i like little amounts, but don’t want to eat the WHOLE thing…ya know???

this last time i made a coffee punch.  i had found this recipe a long, long time ago and make it for showers, parties, etc.  it is soooo yummy!  my kids beg me to make double batches so there is enough for them, but i hesitate to do that because the coffee used is so strong, that i don’t think i can handle all of them on that amount of caffeine.

this is a recipe worth keeping for those times you need a punch and you are tired of the ginger-ale stand by…..

coffee punch

  • 1 gallon strong coffee
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 1 quart whipping cream
  • 1 gallon ice cream
  • chocolate for shaving

brew the coffee and add sugar.  chill.  when ready to serve, combine in a BIG, huge, ginormous bowl, the whipping cream and ice cream.  stir gently to mix.  shave chocolate on top…..

sip slowly…..if you can:)

see you next time at ladies coffee!!!!

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Sarah S. - July 10, 2012 - 3:04 pm

Thank you for listening to God’s call on your heart! I was blessed to be a part of a speaking ministry that stemmed from a group just such as yours. We ended up meeting in Starbuck’s usually because a) we weren’t ever as big as your group and b)we evidently never gave up our perfectionist tendencies. But our group started just like yours: one woman saw the need for women to be connected to each other. And that is such a blessing.

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