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you’ve got mail…..

i am learning that nothing…NO thing is wasted, accidental, coincidence, or happenstance…..god is showing me just how big he is and how he has everything under {his} control and he is working it all out for my good and his glory. there are so many things that happen each day that i know he has sent to me or for me.  it is my job to pay attention and see what he is saying and what he wants me to do with it.

just today….i met a friend for coffee at our neighborhood starbucks.  i had saved up my calories, money and caffeine intake to partake in a yummy pumpkin spice latte.  it was good 😉  while there we were sharing where we were in life.  we were both struggling with some of the fall out from divorce and men who choose another life than the one they had.  we weren’t ‘ex’ bashing and we weren’t angry…just telling it like it is…..there was this lady and a teen aged boy sitting next to us…and we are kinda in close quarters there…..as she got up, she asked if she could say some thing….we said sure….she said i hope i am not being rude or anything but that she overheard us talking and wanted to speak to us….she told her son to go to the car…ok…at that moment, i thought ‘oh boy…we are fixing to get raked for something we said….’ she said ‘i heard you say that you were trusting god with child support and i heard you say that you were praying for your hurting children…..(again, I thought she was not happy with what her son had heard, maybe?)…then she said…i am going through a divorce and i would like to ask you to pray for me.’  i was shocked.  that anyone would think that i would have anything to offer someone who is in such pain…..

and then god spoke to my heart….he said…i didn’t bring you to this place for your enjoyment.  yes, you thought so.  and you made room in your calendar for not only your friend and you, but this broken hearted woman.  i have opportunities all over the place for you like this…i just need you to pay attention….and listen……

i speak to you through every situation and every person you come in contact with.

of course we prayed for her!  and we exchanged information and i am praying that there is more interaction.

as my sweet hubby likes to say…..you have mail for me and i have mail for you….its up to us to open the letters and see what He is saying to us in them.


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Chris Buffington - October 28, 2011 - 6:04 pm

Ginny, God did have the 2 of you there to encourage one another but also to be a blessing, an encouragement, a friend to someone deeply hurting (as you two had been at one time.) He doesn’t waste our sorrows if we trust them to Him and let Him be a vessel through which He can follow. Thank you for being at the right place at the right time. He is well pleased with you.


Pamela - November 1, 2011 - 2:36 pm

Love moments like this…
What a blessing to all of you.

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