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its fall, y’all

i wish i could say i have a really good reason for not blogging lately–or on a more regular basis.  and i am hoping to get some accountability in my writing, but until then…you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.  hehe…i have been wanting to say that all week.

we have been busy….my sweet hubby and i have both served at several ministry opportunities…some of them have been 3 and 4 days long….we have had 4 birthdays, school starting, schedules changing, kids leaving home which means rearranging rooms..then there are the clothes to get switched out….oh, and we had a small fire in the middle of the night a couple of weeks ago….after a hail storm and water leak had already had our home under construction to a degree…..

can i just say that i am glad fall is here…..a new season.  fall has to be my favorite season {if you take out allergies}….i have lots of fun recipes to share and was very faithful last year to take pictures of all of our holiday favorites…i will begin posting those next week.

until then…enjoy the color, enjoy the cool, enjoy all the great things god has given us this day!!!


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