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can’t see the forest

i have been wrestling lately with seeing the big picture.  i was talking to my kids about this and the word perspective came up 😉  i was explaining to them how when i am in the middle of a challenge that all i can see in front of me is the challenge…or the rejection or correction or mistake or, or, or….

that in these times i have to remember the trees.  trees for me take on many different personas and meanings, so i will explain this one….

when all i can see in front of me is the {ahem} challenge…..it seems so big, so not overcomable, so in front of your face.  to me, that is like being right in front of a tree, not seeing anything but the bark or the ants crawling on the bark. its pretty (in its own way) but not the picture i really want to see…..i have to back up….to get a better perspective on the situation…..to get God’s perspective on the situation.

its like standing in the forest and you can’t see where to go next, but if you were in a helicopter looking down, you would be able to see exactly where you were, where you were going and what to do next.  i don’t always get a good picture of all of that, but what happens when i ask to see things from his perspective, is that it all starts to make sense (even when it doesn’t, i know that it will) and it begins to flow…and i quit trying to study the bark and see the trail that winds between the trees to another place.

if i can keep his perspective, the whole picture changes……

….into something of beauty, order and that brings hope and the promise of  purpose.

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Pamela - September 22, 2011 - 9:41 am

What a fantastic reminder… God sees the big picture because He created it. It’s always comforting to know that God knows exactly where I am, all the time. It is important in those times of adversity to step back and see His perspective. He knows the path through the trees, if we ask, He’ll show it to us.

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