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the story of the trees, part 9

this is a blog entry i made during the week we were gone to New Mexico……


08/08/08–A dream come true and NEW beginnings!!!

We have made it to New Mexico!!! It is absolutely beautiful here…I will be posting pics soon, but we have spotty internet service. Our hotel is a HUGE challenge….there is not one machine that is in working order, we have had so many calls into maintenance already….

BUT, it has been wonderful…I woke up this morning…went outside and the mountains were incredible….the cool breeze (we have to wear a jacket) was so reminiscent of my young growing up years in Albuquerque….God has shown up so amazingly…..from the trip to and back home from Florida to the trip out here….to have the dream of taking my kids to New Mexico in August come true…to God speaking to me through a sermon and a fast…This is truly a time of new beginnings for me and my family….

Here are 2 pictures of where we are staying…I don’t do well on nature type photos, so I realize they are not of much interest, but they speak to me….

the fast i was speaking of was:  chuck and i committed to not speaking, and not texting for a while…i think we were gonna go 40 days–or something like that.  don’t think that worked:) but.  while my family was  gone to new mexico, we for sure didn’t have any contact.  i was beginning to see that god was for me and not against me.  that he did want me to be happy and walk in the healing and freedom he created for me.  i was beginning to see the light….even if it was a pin hole.  god spoke to me during my quite time the morning i wrote this blog entry and a journal entry that new mexico was where it began and new mexico is where i needed to lay it to rest….and while my abuse began with my grandfather at about age 3, this was still a very special place to me…the only ‘home’ i knew..since i was in and out of my mother’s home for years.  New Mexico and the mountains will always hold a special place in my heart.  i don’t remember the sermon, but i do remember that i got the freedom that week and the 2 weeks prior.

once home, it was time to focus on getting the kids in school…….

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