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The story of the trees, part 10

This picture always makes me think of Ruth in the Bible.  How she gleaned from Boaz’s fields.
We were now in the throws and mad panic of getting everyone’s school supplies and school clothes for the new year.  The first day of school came quicker than any of us imagined or expected.
One thing I have faithfully done with my children is read the Bible or devotional to them each morning before school.  while we were homeschooling, we stopped what we were doing–some where in the day and sat together–most times at night.  NOW, with everyone in school and different work/bedtime schedules, the only time to do this was before school.  It wasn’t a popular decision, but in order to have everyone there at the same time, we had to make it happen.  up to that point, I had been reading a book of the bible, as long as it took us to finish it…a chapter (if it wasn’t too long) a day.  Then we prayed for our day and some of the older ones went back to bed:).
The first day of school came and I had looked through the night before and decided to read 1 and 2nd Samuel.  So.  The next morning, I am sitting with my cup of coffee, finding where we are to be starting and god impresses upon my heart to go back a book…actually that is what I heard–‘go back a book’….ok.  I decided I would obey….had no idea what it was….i just went back and was ready to read.  it was the book of ruth.  ok.  we begin reading.
we read a chapter each day, so by wednesday, we were on chapter 3….while i was reading, god spoke to my heart and said that chuck was our Boaz.  come again?  God said….’I said….chuck is to be your and your children’s Boaz’.  well, i didn’t really know what to do with that, but i thought, well, god will have to speak that to chuck before i can do anything with this information.
that night….
yep…that night, chuck called me (we were ‘talking’ by then….only on the phone..not in person) and asked me if i would be interested in reading a book of the bible along with him and us talking about it.  well, my heart stopped for a second.  yes?  I might…..what book?  (ok, I really already knew what was coming, but didn’t want to give in too easily)…
he said god had spoken something to him earlier that day and he wanted to see if there was agreement where I was concerned.  I have to say…I was not CRAZY about the idea, but i had come to the place in my walk with God that i wanted obedience more than anything….i was learning to hear him and when he spoke, i wanted to walk in his ways….
so begins reading the book of ruth and discussing it.  to read it alongside walking it out was very interesting…things i never saw (really never wanted to) came alive….new truths were introduced to me….and most of it?
it had to do with allowing Chuck to help me.  UGH!!!!
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