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the story of the trees, part 8

we had a wonderful time in fl that year.  2 weeks!  it was awesome!  i would do that again every year, if i could.  it is enough time to really let down and rest and enjoy the time.  we had no money:), so we didn’t do much.  we were in a 1 bdrm condo (which was a bit stressful) but we hung out at the pool, at the beach and just enjoyed being together.  toward the end of our stay, we had a sweet friend (who actually became one of my adopted daughters–she even lived with us for a while before she got married–Lindsay) fly down, hang with us and help me drive back.  we had such an easy trip back–with 2 girls talking in the front seat the whole way home.

anyone who has made that trip in one fell swoop back to the dfw area, knows how tiring it is and how exhausted you are when you get back home. this was no exception.  we were so looking forward to getting home and falling into bed.

chuck had told me that with us all gone from the house, that he would use that time and work on the house as long into the night and weekends as he could to get it done for us….to get him out of our hair–his words.  i would have been sad to see him go, but was ready to have my home back to normal and no strange men running around with tools in their hands.  as grateful as i was to have the work done–i needed some normalcy…which i still really don’t know what that looks like 😉

i also had to get the car unpacked, clothes washed, clothes repacked, car reloaded to hit the road for New Mexico–lindsay and another friend, phillip were going with us, so that they could help with the driving and help with the kids while i was working….we got home on Sunday night and we were leaving thursday to shoot the wedding that had afforded us this treat of a trip.  you know how it is on the way back from a vacation? the things you let go on the way down, well they put themselves back on, on the way back….i was making mental lists, actual lists and talking about all of my to-do’s.

we get home and chuck’s truck was there…..ok.  he was working.  my heart did a little flip–not gonna lie.  after sending britton to me, he was winning my heart.  well…..we get out of the van and i smell someone cooking out…..we were STARVING!  chuck was the one cooking out.  he had brought his gas grill over and was cooking steak, baked potatoes and corn on the cob for us!  we were bowled over.

he had the table set to perfection!  the detail he had gone to to make it special really left me speechless….ok…yes, that takes a lot:) he had candles, corn cob holders, wine goblets for sparkling cider,  little trinkets at each place setting and even our names made out of cookies and fruit roll-ups.

lindsay looked at me with this look on her face that said ‘you’d better see what this guy is worth–and don’t let him get away’…..she was also speechless 😉

we had a wonderful dinner, but we were exhausted and i was already moving forward to my wedding work….no time for fun 😉

but.  he was finding a place in my heart.


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