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the story of the trees, part 4

Chuck just read my previous post…..he laughed at the do-rag part…ok….if anyone really knows chuck, this will not come as a surprise, at all.  he said it has JAPANESE letters and he HAD THOSE MADE for him and his crew when they worked on the Japanese Gardens at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth…..see, to chuck, it seems, everything is a production and worthy of putting 110% into it…..he just wanted to look the part and tell his client he was ALL in 😉

he also said he had never been called ‘grasshoppah’ before and has never been called that since.

work was going on in my home.  during this time, we had a recently acquired puppy and she got hit by a car and died.  there were several other things that happened that weren’t really ‘fun’, but i know god is in all of them–if I can just look closely. (ok…this IS important (the puppy part–for later :))

i found out that chuck was doing all of this work–out of his pocket, so that i could keep {and live off of} the insurance money.  it wasn’t much, but I was needing every bit.  and he saw that.  he also said about this time that god was speaking to him of a ‘mission’…again, this is his side of the story.  you don’t have to ask very long to get him to share it though 😉 .  through my ‘old’ filter,  i would have seen this as he saw me as a ‘project’.  however….as i have said, god has done some amazing work in me….my ‘new’ filter knew that this was nothing about ME and that my being a project is very different from god giving someone a mission…..easier said than done, though in some instances….of course he didn’t mention this mission at the time….smart man.

what HE said he saw was a home FULL of kids being run by this {tired} mom….the kids loved the mom and each other and there was a general peace.  he said he thought ‘she must be doing SOMEthing right’….ha…if he only knew.    i think there were 7 kids still at home and in reality, we were all still working on surviving.  There were lots of emotions, lack of emotions and mom checking out and kids taking advantage of that.

what did happen though, was chuck came over every available night–after his long work day–with someone–whether it be one of his crew from work or someone from his accountability group or a sponsee from cr.  he said he would not have ever come alone here to my home.  my little girls, who had never really had a ‘daddy’ at home (that they remembered) just clung to him….and he was so gracious to allow them to work alongside him and teach them how to do some of the things he was doing.  he also had me finding fixtures and things that were needed in the repair of my kitchen and bathroom.  as i was working on this, i would have to text him here and there to double check sizes and styles (i don’t have a clue what to do in that area)….i did find out that he has an incredible sense of humor.  i also started to see my sense of humor begin to blossom…didn’t even know i had one 😉

during this same time, he gave his {full}testimony at celebrate recovery.  i was very interested in this, as i really wanted to know what his ‘issues’ were….just how far this man could be trusted.  what i found was that he, also, has walked a very sad, lonely and broken road…..the hard part for me was,  that according to him, he was unjustly and incorrectly accused of some things that, for me, would have been a ‘no dealer’…because of my background.  he had lost his wife, his daughter, and his reputation…..and, according to him, all of this was being used by god to break his ‘spiritual pride and arrogance’….ok, now he had my attention….he had had RELIGION….I had had RELIGION…and it stunk and almost killed me…..so, treading lightly, i kept going…as pastor rod likes to say….keep your eyes straight ahead (on god), don’t look to the left or the right….i was working hard at that…..

one night he brought a book to read to the little girls before they went to bed.  there was another couple here (a husband/wife) working on the house…i looked at the wife and asked (totally panicked) if i could trust this man with my children…..you see, for those who don’t know…i came from an abusive home and part (just part) of the demise of my marriage was the abuse of some of my little girls–by a relative of my husbands.  and those things make you a bit gun shy….to say the VERY least.  she looked at me with a sweet smile, put her hand on mine and said he could be completely….COMPLETELY trusted.

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Sheryl Henley - March 26, 2011 - 3:41 pm

Ginny, Even though I know alot of this story it is still so amazing to hear(and read). God is doing great things in you and through this blog. I love you girl and thanks so much for sharing yourself with us! What a blessing you are! love you!

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