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the story of the trees, part 3

What i really thought with meeting Arianne is that this was {possibly} how God would use my new training and experience in counseling…..to work with her.  my heart was and is still to help others who have been wounded (and haven’t we ALL?) and i thought for SURE this is why god had me meet them….for me to begin using what god had done in my life to help this precious girl……

time went on and i was busy being a mother…and a working mom at that.  we were all still struggling with all that was going on in our lives….healing and hurting.  we were ending the school year, and to be honest, having the kids in school just added to the complication and busy-ness.  oh, MY….is it ever busy at the end of the year.

Mother’s day–i had a photo shoot at a hotel in grapevine that i had dreamt of staying at.  i decided that for a mother’s day gift to myself (since the kids would no longer be ‘helped’ by their dad), i would stay at this hotel….the photo shoot would basically pay for it and i, in all honesty, needed a break.  the kids all decided that their gift to me would be to stay home alone and not beat each other up 😉 .  my oldest came to stay with everyone so that i really wouldn’t  worry.  it was a working stay, so not as restful as i would have liked and by sunday, i got a call from my oldest…there had been a little ‘accident’ at home….she had called her dad to see what to do and he told her not to call and bother me and what to do to ‘fix’ things…..


i get home and see the extent of damages to our home….the upstairs bathroom had a connection at the base of the toilet break and flood the floor.  the children were all downstairs in the kitchen fixing dinner.  they felt drips (they were directly under this bathroom)…and looked up as the ceiling fell in on them.  they just mopped it all up as much as they could and left it all as it was….yep….3 days….water….in the walls….in the floor boards….yep…a mess!

i called insurance and realized this was a HUGE job and MESS!  AND, it was going to be expensive!

side note:  one of the things i had really been working on {still am} is learning to ask for help.  i have been pretty much on my own all my life.  i had learned to keep to myself and take care of me and mine on my own…but i also realized through CR that this was not very healthy….I had already gone to my CR leadership and told them of some things i needed help with at home….this was before the flood–just little maintenance things….and hadn’t heard much..i even had them cancel on me one night because it was chuck’s birthday and it was that group of men (his accountability group) who were planning on coming to evaluate my needs…

SO…i went to the church and cried –literally–out for……HELP!!!!  i was frustrated because i had already asked for help and didn’t get it….it was so hard for me to ask for it in the first place…didn’t they KNOW that????  ARGH!  i was so frustrated.

well, i didn’t know that chuck was in a construction type occupation…..had no clue….when he drives up to my house with another man to assess the damages…..i was very grateful, but distant…..i didn’t want to depend on anyone too much…..

chuck says he remembers our home being a very dark place….my response to him? –‘how would YOU feel if your house had flooded, your ex-husband didn’t care and it was all falling (literally and figuratively) on me….i was so desperate.  and hopeless…..see in all this, i was still in this year waiting time for my ex and was hoping something would shake him awake…..nope…..and as much as god was healing me, i was so desperate to just go home…to Jesus….if not for my children…..

chuck said he also noticed the absence of a man in the home and asked about it….ok…see, all this time, he thought i was married–i guess since i had all these kids 😀 . when he found out there was not a man investing in this family, his heart broke…..he rallied several men to come and help get my house back in order.  Now, I am getting into his side of the street and his story to tell, and i will try to keep to my side….

the first saturday….a crew of men came and were like ants on a hill…they were everywhere….it was so overwhelming to have all these men in my home–helping me.  i was just sitting, taking it all in when i saw chuck…he had this do-rag on….still not sure why….but it had these chinese letters on it….o.k.  {weird}……as i am working on things with the kids, i hear someone call ‘grasshopper’.  i look around to see who said it, because that has become a name of mine–this counselor I worked for…..that was his nickname for me (and i was called that daily, at least)….since i was sitting under him, apprenticing under him…..I relished being called ‘grasshopper’ because it meant i was worthy of learning from this man and that i was GETTING it….and no one else knew it…..one of the guys working with chuck needs him and looks down from our balcony upstairs and calls him ‘grasshopper’………this man was invading my LIFE.

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