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He knows my name…..

today is my oldest “baby” ‘s birthday.  she is 26 today.  and she is SUCH a blessing to me.  I was praying for her this morning and God brought back a memory of her birth that speaks of HIS love for us…..

at the time, I was working at the corporate offices of Mary Kay.  I had my doctor and the hospital that I would be using.  I knew when I went to the drs office that there was another mom with the same name, but since mine is GI instead of the usual JE, we were able to keep straight :).

I went in to have my baby.  there were 2 baby girls born the same day, at approximately the same time {frame}, with the same last name…one had blonde hair one had black hair.  When all the family gathered to look at the new baby, they were all gooing over the black headed baby….the nurse then brought out another baby–the one with blonde hair and pointed to my husband….that brought a laugh to the crowd who had been making all over the wrong baby:)

When it was time for her first feeding, they brought her to me.  I was to nurse her.  they brought her to me with all the paraphernalia that goes with bottle feeding.  i asked what this was about…the nurse did some immediate checking and realized they had gotten the charts mixed up.  it seemed that not only did those babies have the same last name, their mom’s had the same first name (one spelled with a GI and one with a JE) , we were employed by the same company, therefore had the same insurance company, had the same doctor and used the same hospital and were born on the same day!!!  The nurse was flustered and started checking our bands (this was right before the time they pretty much made you bleed to prove you were the mom {well, I guess you really do} ).  I was holding this blonde little baby and looked at her head (this was the first time I had really seen her, as I had had a C-Section)…..she had a cowlick on her head in the same place as mine….a nuisance to me for many years.  I knew she was mine…there was no doubt.  Once that was declared, there were many more check points put in place to make sure we got the same baby, but I knew I would know her from there on out.  She bore my markings…..

that is what god told me today…just as I knew her, he knows me, I bear the marks of Christ…

‘From henceforth let no man trouble me:

for I bear in my body

the marks of the Lord Jesus.”Galatians 6:17

it brings me to a song that god sings over me when i feel lost….when I feel like no one knows me….you can listen here and be assured he knows you!!

Happy Birthday, Love…..I am so proud of you and love you soooooooo much!!!  And, I love your cowlick 😀

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Sheri - September 14, 2010 - 9:45 am

Sweet story! Happy birthday to your daughter.

here’s mine

Sherry - September 14, 2010 - 11:13 am

Awww! What a great story! Happy birthday to your daughter! :)

heidi @ wonder woman wannabe - September 14, 2010 - 1:42 pm

what a beautiful post about a beautiful girl!

Chris - September 14, 2010 - 8:30 pm

What a beautiful story, Ginny. I have a granddaughter who turned 12 today and a young woman from church just had a baby girl named Epiphany Joy by c-section this afternoon. Sept. 14th a good day to be born. Jesus knows us and He knew us when we were in our mother’s womb.

Jennifer - September 14, 2010 - 10:14 pm

Aww… this is such a sweet story! I love it! She is so beautiful. I hope she has a wonderful happy birthday! :)

deb @ talk at the table - September 14, 2010 - 10:24 pm


you must have been a little stressed…

she is gorgeous , and no doubt very very loved.

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