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ok..so i did not take this picture, but i wanted to write about a dream i had and this is the closest thing i could find to communicate the image i have about it.

i had a dream a while back…in this dream i was a servant girl living in a mud hut…i was dirty, worn and tired.  i was fighting fire breathing dragons that were attacking me and my hut.  i was trapped in my little hut with no way out.  i was alone.  i was crying out for help, and what i got was things being thrown at me….books, tapes, seminars, conferences…(you get the idea?)…i could not use them for the job at hand…they were tools but not the right ones for this job.  as i was beating a dragon away, i got my foot in the door and could only see out that much.  what i saw was a castle.  it was sitting up on a hill far away…but as i saw it, i KNEW that was where i belonged….not in the mud hut.  and in the foreground was a knight…riding a white horse.  HE was who was going to take me to my castle.  i realized then that i was a princess, not a servant girl and my home was a castle, not a mud hut and that this MAN was going to fight for me….and HE came and fought my dragons for me so that i could leave the place i was trapped and live where i belonged.

i started to name this ‘the right tools’ but even that sounds like something WE have to do or use to get where we want to be or where we belong. god has shown me that it is HIMHE does the work, all i have to do is follow.  HE has made a way for me…to live like the royalty i am…it was me who could not see past the walls of my circumstances to see the big picture of who i am and who he is and how much he wants me living with him in my home….his heart.

this brings to my heart this song…..

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suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter - July 20, 2010 - 2:15 pm

praise to the God who’s work of salvation is complete at the cross.

nice allegory:)

Southern Gal - July 21, 2010 - 9:58 am

What a dream. Thank you for sharing the song. I’d never heard it before.

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