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meet the robinsons

this movie came on the disney channel this afternoon and we are watching it….i continue to be amazed at the hidden truths in this children’s movie….there are so many….and as i was marveling at it, i remembered the first time i watched it and how god spoke to me in a situation about it….i journaled about it and thought i would post it here….i encourage you to watch it with your heart….see all that god has for you in it…..even the song Little Wonders, oh my!!!

may, 2007

I had a situation this week that God has used so mightily!!! I am
working at becoming a photographer, as you might or might not know.
I had done a shoot and the
client viewed the pictures online and acted like they were great.
She ordered the prints and we made the connections for me to get them
to her and for me to get paid. Not a hour passed when she called
saying they were the worst pictures she had seen…that they could
have come from her own camera. She requested a full refund. I was
CRUSHED!!!! Now, I know God has done some work in me for me to not
throw the towel in altogether, but I have had my doubts whether this
is a “God thing” or not….WELL…my youngest son had his birthday
yesterday and wanted to go on a date with me to see “Meet the
Robinsons”…I had heard it was a good movie, but I am not really a
movie person…so….we went anyway….there was this part in it
where the main character fails at the task given to him……you
could tell he was crushed…..the response he got from the others
around him totally surprised me and made me cry!!! They celebrated
his failure. It was like a badge of honor to have messed up, because
you only learn from your mistakes. You don’t learn the deep, working
lessons in successes. On the way home from the movie, I thought that
this is exactly what happened to me, not only with my pictures, but
in my life lately….I have failed miserably. BUT, I am learning
from my mistakes and I am not letting them get to me…I am getting
to them!!!! I had to look hard at my work….look at what would make
my work something that someone would want to pay for. I began
instantly to work on how I was doing my work…..I had to lay down my
pride…UGH!!!..I had to lay down expectations….UGH!!!! ….I had
to ask for help……YIKES!!!! I am working on it now…..And on
they way home from the movie, I thought that what I need to do is
email this client and thank her for her honesty and for being true to
herself, because it caused me to take a step forward….not sure if I
will, though :). (side note:  i did :))

I am learning to desire and enjoy the hard times….it draws me
closer to Him….it makes me more dependent upon Him…..it brings me
to a place of dependence that I don’t truly experience when things
are going well……

This morning, reading the Bible to my children, we came to verse
Psalm 62:9
Common people are as worthless as a puff of wind….
I don’t want to be a common person…..I want to be an uncommon
person…..not worthless, but priceless!!!!! This is the only way I
can become an uncommon person…to walk through the hard, trying
times and to embrace them!!!!

I pray for each one of us that we become UNCOMMON in our walk, in our

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